jesahel (jes04) wrote,

Ode to the one called "Latin kid"

So latin kid, how do you want to shoot yourself in the foot today?

Maybe you want to claim that Spanish is a "useless language"?
    I guess you forgot that its only spoken in 23 different countries worldwide, is a Romance language, and also happens to be the fastest growing language in the world. Oh, and I guess you didn't realize I was Mexican until it was too late.

Maybe you want to parade your intellect in my face for the next 20mins?
    The composition of your intellect is precisely 99% bullshit, 1% crap. Your vernacular may be more extensive than the average joe, I'll give you that, but just because you can open your mouth and emit noise doesn't mean that you are saying anything of actual value.  My parrot fluffs up his feathers and squawks when he wants to seem bigger than he really is, but he's still an idiot. Why does that remind me of you?

Maybe you want to insult my frat?
    Normally I would not defend those thugs, having an ingrained hatred for them myself.  Today I take their side.  You weren't invited to our party because you are exactly like the insignificant little dweebs we like to torture.  I vowed not to haze a pledge, but mark my words, I would haze you in a heartbeat.

I guess this can all be put in a nutshell.  Latin kid spends an inordinate amount of energy shoving his so-called intellect in people's faces. You claim to be a scholar of "acedemia" , but your comments come across as rather ascenine and underdeveloped (but I admit they can be entertaining if you are into bullshit).  It's not his fault and that's too bad.  He's just too short to reach the books that he should be reading.

For now, I'm content with just tugging at my ear.   :-)
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