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I have spent the last 9 days adventuring through Europe.  I say adventuring because although the trip was reasonably well planned, spontaneous situations still arouse.  Those are the best, experiences that are unexpected and provide a challenge for oneself.  I’ll provide a city by city account to those that are interested in reading about my trip.

Munich- I arrived in Munich by train and met my friends Lisi and Leo there.  I hadn’t seen Leo in a year or so and Lisi was a very good friend from the Abbey.  They took me around the city and showed me some of the landmarks.  Later, we picked up Colenn at the airport and brought her back with us.  The thing about Munich that made me the happiest was seeing old friends.  I could instantly reconnect with them as if I had seen them the day before.  The Wasmers were super friendly and took us around everywhere.  We ended our trip by visiting this spa/pool thing that was really relaxing.  Then we hit up Amsterdam

Berlin-We had a connection in Berlin that lasted 12 hours.  So what better plan then to visit the city and look around.  Berlin was nice and all, but it wasn’t anything out of this world.  It was a very urban city that apparently is 33%green.  It also supposed to be very poor, although it did not look the part at all.  I saw the Berlin wall, that was pretty cool

Amsterdam: Whereas I felt I could live in Munich, I would definitely party in Amsterdam.  Alleyways are predominant there and they are lit up at night with neon lights and entrances to “coffee houses”.  To those that are interested, NO, I DID NOT GO THERE TO SMOKE POT.  It’s strange because I had alcohol and drugs literally at my fingertips and not once during the trip did I abuse either one.  I did go to bars, and yes I did get buzzed but never drunk.  I loved just walking in and ordering a pint of dark beer.  Mmmmmm………oh and btw, I bought this kick-ass beer mug in Munich.  Colenn and I stayed there for two days and walked around everywhere.  Public transportation was so easy to use, I could get myself lost walking and find my way back within 5 mins.  We visited the Van Gogh museum whilst we were there.  Good stuff.

Copenhagen- This was the most different city out of all of them. The houses are rustic with pastel colours that really come out in the sunlight.  There are canals everywhere and nearly 95% of the people there were blonde or some form of it.  Not that I minded, but you could almost always tell the foreigners by looking at their hair colour.  Peter was nice enough to host us and show us around.  We visited the Queen’s court, the harbour, and Christiana.  Christiana was a social experiment were the government has absolutely no rule there.  Pot is everywhere (legally) and pictures are banned there.  My hair was really on edge walking through there until we came to a preschool there.  They let us in the enclosure (the attendant was super nice) and it was practically a paradise there.  Amidst the drugs and the sketchy people, there was this little paradise there for the children. That struck me so much while we were walking through.  Families that live there are really close knit and look after each other.


So in conclusion, my trip was amazing.  I want to go back and study there and maybe, just maybe, live there. Oh, and I took mad pictures.

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