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What Invasion?

So there is a billboard in San Diego that reads "stop the invasion".  What fucking invasion are they talking about?  This is a country of immigrants, without people like us there would be no United States of America.  On a brief tangent, I absolutely hate, hate, hate when people try to calm me down by telling something like "oh jes, you're not even that mexican.." If I'm not mexican, then what am I? I lived in Mexico for 4  years of my life, have family there, have citizenship there.  It is really offending when signs about an apparent "invasion" are posted.  Immigrants take the jobs that no else wants.  They contribute to society just as much as any other "american".  Granted, I am not for Amnesty nor for any special leniency in illegal immigration but there has to be a line drawn when a message is racist. Who the fuck do these people think they are, all high and mighty because their birth certificate says "USA"?  I'm an immigrant and I can do just as good if not better then any native.   I'm going to College, contributing to society, working and yet I'm regarded as the invasion.  These racist, pompous, redneck biggots can stick it up theirs.  I'm here to stay.
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